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Anyone rowing on the San Francisco Bay will become very familiar with the very changeable weather and tide conditions of these waters. Fortunately, we have a number of excellent resources on line to help judge the conditions to help plan for a safe row!

While it’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecasts, we rowers must deal with the peculiar micro-climates  of the bay. The general area forecasts on TV or weather sites are usually too broad (except for major winter storms). There are resources that display the readings from weather instruments in our area, which can give you a sense of conditions right now in the area you plan to row. But be alert, it can be sunny and warm at one end of Richardson Bay and foggy and windy at the other. Conditions can change by the hour. Don’t take the conditions for granted. Sausalito weather is both fascinating and, at times, very challenging.

Web Cams

Sometimes the best way to determine the conditions right now is to get a look. For those of us who lack an expansive view of the bay, there are web cams that can show us a bit of it.

Tidal Current predictions

Even more important for rowers are the predictions for tidal currents. The speed and timing of the peak ebb and flood tides vary as you move around the bay. The NOAA has generated predictions for a number of points in our area. The sites listed below display these predictions in different ways-as graphs, daily tables and annual tables-so you can choose your favorite. But do check the predicted currents in the area you plan to row.

We’ve also linked to an iPhone app for tide predictions that some club members use. There are other apps for the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones. If you find one that you like tell us and we’ll add it to the list.

Links to currents:

Alternate source with current tables for today (Use options below table to get a graphical plot)

Tides and Current Apps

Some OWRC members using the iPhone have found this to be a great tool for checking tides and currents at key places in our rowing area