Since 1987, Open Water Rowing Center has been a dealer for the Maas Boat Company and we are now an authorized LiteBoat dealer, offering a variety of FISA-approved coastal shells. All boats are stored indoors and are in excellent condition. We always have boats in stock (new & used) and we turn over our club fleet regularly.

MAAS Boats

The Open Water Rowing Center has been an official Maas Boat dealer since 1987. Maas boats are designed for open water rowing and racing in San Francisco Bay.


Open Water Rowing Center is one of a few LiteBoat Dealers in the United States and we’re excited to offer these stable and versatile FISA-approved boats for rowers of all abilities.

Why buy a shell through Open Water Rowing Center?

Our prices for new shells are the same as the prices direct from the manufacturers, and we offer many helpful extras.

We sell both new and used Maas shells. We are also the first LiteBoat dealer in the Western United States and we’re excited to offer a limited number of new LiteBoats for sale!

  • We have plenty of time to spend with you.

  • You can try out Maas and LiteBoat shells here, and speak to other owners with years of experience with these shells

  • We can help you to decide which shell is the best for your skill level, storage constraints, water conditions, and other important factors.

  • We can show you how to set up and maintain your shell in top condition.

  • We also have information about other types of shells, to help you compare them to Maas shells.

  • We can help you refine your open-water rowing technique in these unique shells.

We can assist you with your plans for graphics, if you want to customize your shell.  If you need ideas, we can walk you through our boathouse to illustrate the available colors and design possibilities.

We will rig the shell for you and give you a private, one hour coaching session here at OWRC as part of the shell sale.

We can deliver your shell to you if you live in the local Bay Area, for a reasonable delivery charge.

We’re open every day to answer your questions after you buy your shell.  Got problems with technique?  Not sure if you should change the rigging? Call us to schedule time with our open water trained coaching staff.

Don’t see what you want? Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for; we’ll add you to our list of people looking for specific shell types.