OWRC is part of the Schoonmaker Point Marina at 85 Liberty Ship Way in Sausalito, CA — permits are required for parking (check with the office for more information). Our office is always staffed during operating hours and we have (4) Concept 2 rowing machines inside. We also have some essential rowing apparel available for purchase. Men’s and women’s restrooms, locker rooms and showers are available to members.


We have two boathouses where shells are stored on wall racks, rolling racks and hanging racks and oars are stored on wall racks. The main boathouse, in the Schoonmaker building, is where all club shells are stored, along with private shells.  The second boathouse, in the Easom building next door, holds private shells. Members using the Easom boathouse must be able to carry their shells to and from the water; members in the Schoonmaker boathouse receive assistance from staff to move shells.

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Our JetFloat docks are accessed from ramps with ~ 6’ of daily tide movement. They are low and spacious to allow multiple shells to launch and land. Docks are sheltered from wind and traffic, with perfect access to the Bay!



The majority of our club boats are less than three years old and the mix of club boats changes with the needs of the club. We use oars from Concept 2; the majority are hatchets, Big Blade w/ vortex edge. We also provide (and require) a personal flotation device for each club boat.

We turn over our club fleet regularly, and also broker Maas and LiteBoat shells for club members and others. If you are interested in trying out our rowing shells, call and schedule a time to come in. Visit our Sales page for more information about our new and used boats for sale.

Nothing beats the happiness of a rower and her new shell!

Nothing beats the happiness of a rower and her new shell!