New Rowing Machines and Rowing Coach

Open Water Rowers—

If rain and wind have kept you away from Open Water Rowing Center recently, you may have missed the new energy coming from the boathouse. That’s the sound of erg chains grinding out powerful pieces. BUT we we only have four machines!

Mary Margaret Stewart of Siren Canteen fame has started a GoFundMe campaign to purchase 6 more ergs and to upgrade the computers on the 4 old machines. More machines = more rowers = more fun for everyone! (That may be the first time fun and erging have been equated.) Would you help us my making a donation of any size here?

UPDATE 4/2/19: To date we have received enough to fund the purchase of one new machine and one new PM5. In addition, we have received the donation of a used Concept2 machine with a PM5. We’re on our way! Keep up the good work and help us continue to grow with your donation of any size here.


Welcome Ivan Ostojic as a new coach at OWRC. Ivan has rowed for the Serbian National Team and for UC Berkeley Varsity and he has coached youth at Samamish and Marin Rowing Associations. He will start at OWRC with  indoor rowing classes starting next week and may be available for private coaching by appointment. Ivan joins coaches Ellen Braithwaite, Chris Dadd, Rachel Freedman, Stephan Benton and Arianna Pilram. Coaching staff introduce new rowers to the sport, lead weekly clinics and workouts, provide private instruction, and offer specialty trainings.


Download the WellnessLiving app to easily book classes, boats, and lessons, including erg classes with Ivan!   Android Apple

The Science of Water Waves

The Science of Water Waves

When waves run into water moving in the opposite direction, they are slowed, just as if they were approaching a beach. Wave length becomes shorter, wave height higher, and they may break. A good (bad) example of this is an ebb current flowing out of Raccoon Strait into waves coming in from the Golden Gate. Good rough water training, if that's what you want.